How many Models of recovery systems are there available today?


  1. Black Max for athlete and home healthcare
  2. Blue Max for Medical and pro athlete use.
What Cuffs are available for Recovery Systems?

Legs cuffs are standard, Arms and Torso Cuffs are also available

What Medical conditions is Blue Max used to treat?

DVT, Lymphedema, Edema, Circulatory issues

Is Recovery Systems designed for daily use?

Yes, many athletes and patients are using Recovery Systems once daily or more.

What sets Recovery Systems apart from competitors?

Multiple Recovery Modes, More Sizes, Cuff Options, Local support, lower price-better value

What’s the Warranty Period for Recovery Systems products?

2 years on the control unit, 1 year on the cuff.

Can I rent Recovery Systems?

Yes, Rental Option is available – see website for details

What is Mode A?

Peristaltic Treatment, one zone of the cuff at a time.

What is Mode B?

Sequential treatment, starting from the foot and compressing all the way to the thigh

Do you have testimonials for Recovery Systems?

Yes, check out our website for testimonials and other FAQ

In simple terms, what does Recovery Systems do for me?

Active Compression Speeds up the bodies natural healing process by flushing out the bad stuff and bringing in the good stuff far faster than normal.

Does Recovery Systems use ice or cold air in it’s treatment?

No, Ice or Cold air slows the circulation and delays recovery.